Vector illustrations mesh tool in Adobe Illustrator

Vector illustrations mesh tool in Adobe Illustrator

There’s no doubt about it — the flat design look is very in right now. But flat isn’t always best, particularly when it comes to digital illustration and things like gaming design. If you’re interested in a broad range of design genres, it helps to know how to create a more photorealistic look when you need to. With the increase in high-resolution/retina display screens, prepping your graphics in vector format can improve your overall workflow by making it easy to export your graphics in any size.

We’re going to show you how to create photorealistic vector illustrations using the Mesh Tool in Adobe Illustrator. This is a super powerful tool that can make your vector illustrations looks more 3D, or photorealistic. It works by adding a ‘mesh’ over a closed shape, the lines of the mesh intersecting at points onto which different color swatches can be applied to create a vectorized image.

Use the Gradient Mesh Tool in Adobe Illustrator for Vector Portraits

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